The complete AI marketing system that gets you Sales Meetings

with your Ideal Customers

Connect sources high quality leads, grows and nurtures your list, and books sales meetings with those who want to buy from you. 

How much is ineffective marketing costing you every month?

Is your marketing stressing you out?

Wasted Money

Throwing cash down the drain on ineffectual marketing

Inconsistent Sales

Up and down sales causing financial stress

Unreliable Cash Flow

Revenue is unpredictable, making financial planning difficult

Lack of Business Growth

Your business is not growing, in fact it seems to be going backwards

Connect is the Complete Marketing Solution for Consistent Sales

RedRobin's Connect marketing system seamlessly integrates prospecting, relationship building, and booking you sales meetings with decision makers, giving you a reliable stream of new leads and peace of mind.

Stress free marketing

Relax knowing your efficient marketing machine is hard at work sourcing and bring in high quality leads.

No learning curve

RedRobin's experts set up and execute everything for you while still allowing you to have control and input. 

Everything is included

Connect includes lead generation, optimised website, email marketing and a meeting scheduler all done for you. 

Super user friendly

Connect uses well known tools that are user friendly and intuitive to use. The magic lies in how we have brought them all together.


Connect will scale with you as your business grows. It provides a complete marketing infrastructure upon which you can build your business.


Connect will put you and your business in front of ideal audience consistently and reliably giving you the best chance of sales success. 

At RedRobin, we understand that as a business owner, your ultimate goal is success. But in order to achieve that success, you need a marketing strategy that not only works efficiently but also consistently brings in new leads

We know the frustration that comes with putting in marketing efforts that don't result in sales, and we believe that it doesn't have to be that way. We've been in your shoes, which is why we've created a complete marketing system that books sales meetings with your ideal customers.

We have created a complete marketing eco system called Connect. Connect will find you ideal customer for you, connect and continue to engage with them over email. Then when the time is right, allow your ideal customer to book a sales call with you. 

You are 3 steps away from easy and effective marketing

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


Book a walk through

We will walk you through the entire ecosystem and show you how we have merged tech, AI and marketing skill to create a powerful marketing machine.


Sign up for Connect

If you like what you see (you will...), you can sign up for Connect.  A 35 min workshop to learn your business is all that is needed. We take it from there. 


Close deals

Connect goes to work connecting with ideal prospects, positioning you as an expert and making it easy for people to book to see you. 

"I was at the point of pulling my hair out before I met Robin. I was spending a ton of money on Google Ads and not seeing anything for it. My agency was full of excuses and showing me fancy graphs and numbers. But no sales. Robin got us focused on the right customer with the right message. The Connect programme just works. It took a few weeks but now I have at least 2 sales meetings every week and most end up in a new customer."

hilarry mason

"Robin walked me through how to market my business. I had a ton of ideas and I was trying everything but after speaking with Robin I realised I was all over the place with no focus and consistency. He quickly had me identifying my ideal client and came up with a message that was simple and clear. When we plugged all this into "Connect" I started attracting the right type of person. Sales have definitely picked up."

Peter Dawson

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Connect do?

Connect, finds and connects wit your ideal, positions you as the best solution to their problem, and makes it super easy for them to meet with you to discuss further. 

How does Connect work?

Connect uses software to search LinkedIn for your ideal customer based on your criteria of what an ideal customer is for your business. We then connect with them on LinkedIn, and if they accept, we start a conversation building trust and authority. All new leads acquired via this method are synced to an email marketing engine. Prospects are taken on a entertaining and informative email journey that speaks to their challenges and how you can help. When they are ready the prospect is easily able to book an appointment with you. 

How do I learn more about Connect?

Connect is a multi featured marketing eco system that seems complex at first glance. Book a walk through session so we can show you how it brings the 4 main pillars of marketing and marketing technology together to create an effective and efficient marketing system. 

How do I know it will work for me?

Connect will work if you have a product or service that you are already selling successfully and looking to scale. If you are already having success, greater success is simply a matter of being able to present your offer to more of your target audience than you are currently doing. Connect is designed to do just that. Connect will work for start up's as well, but your sales success will be determined by how well your offer fits a need within your target market. 

What if I don't get the results I want?

Simply cancel, no long term lock in contracts. But, if you are not getting the results you want, it's tempting to blame marketing. If Connect is connecting effectively with your ideal customer, and presenting your offer accurrately, but you are not getting results, then it maybe a product market fit issue rather than a marketing failure. In the unlikely case that this occurs, one our marketing experts will be availbale to review your approach and make suggestions and changes.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Short answer is no. Connect is a month to month service, cancel any time. But we do ask that you commit to a 3 month initial period. It takes 1 month to get everything set up and working just right for you. Then it can take another 2 months for the programme to build connections and relationships to the point that an ideal customer wants to work with you. You will get connections, leads and meetings from month 1 but we use the initial 3 months to fine tune the system and let it build momentum. Connect is not a quick fire campaign with quick fire results that are not sustainable. Connect is a long term marketing strategy that will be with you for the life of your business. 

Can I afford Connect?

Marketing costs money. The challenge is to market at a level where the return on your marketing spend radically outstrips your marketing cost. For example, spending a million bucks a month on marketing seems rather expensive. But if you knew that spending a million each month brought in 10 million each month, would you still consider a million a month expensive? We have created a handy calculator that you can use to determine of Connect is right for you. Click here to access it or book a walk through and will do the calculation with you. PS - You will be glad to know Connect does not cost a million bucks!